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The world has changed. Some of the key indicators of economic development are waning, while others are emerging. Talent Innovation Diversity and Environment represent the core of the things that communities need to focus in on the new economy. This tool is based on a modeling effort to capture the effects of T.I.D.E assets and how they can impact on communities.


Talent or human capital is the skillful human inputs into the economy. It includes formal and informal education, skills, and experience.


Innovation is the act of introducing something new into the economy that generates value. The birth and growth of business, new ideas, and the development of new goods or services are all innovations in the economy.


Diversity has multiple facets and is one of the drivers of innovation and prosperity. It includes cultural, racial, lifestyle, and economic differences that create a diverse community.


Environment refers to the place based amenities and activities that make a community a great place to live and work. It includes natural features, the landscape, urban amenities and activities.